When nobody is watching….. #35k

I feel very thankful with the milestone we have hit! 35 thousand readers!! I want to thank you all for reading!! Specially those who are reading since the beginning!! It will be officially 5 years of the blog in April!! I’m excited for what’s next and what’s to come!! In the beginning I had people telling me that It wouldn’t work out or that no one would read my blog! (Even some friends on the marketing area) the reality is that people and young people will always read no matter what! Beyond the trendy books that become in movies!! Thank you so much for the brands that believe in my vision and have been part of this journey!! Many of my work and many of what I considered my best posts here come from a place where I just expressed myself and I never think if someone is going to read it or not! I just write…. I will continue expressing myself cause is the only way that I can process everything I go through truly!!

I want to dedicate this posts to the people that don’t believe in some bloggers that are too alternative or risky!! You may believe in them soon!! 💟💟

Let’s go for another 35k more!!

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