How to verify your Instagram account!! Feat. #XmasGift

A lot of people has asked me about how I got my Instagram verified, and is so funny cause I didn’t know that the option was right there on the app! One day I tried just for fun and weeks later I got the notification of my blue check I was like whatttt??? Seriously?? I think it was an Instagram miracle or a social media miracle!! I think that depends a lot on your content and time on the platform also your Facebook performance cause Facebook is the owner of Instagram and google of course with your SEO, if your blog or website is the first thing that appears when you google your name, because when is a brand you have to submit instead of your ID a document that proves that you are the owner of the brand!! Now let’s get to the point to verify your account you have to go to the settings part on your Instagram account and ask for verification or something like that, then click and follow the steps! Many people think is about your following number, let me tell you that is not!! A lot of accounts above 100k are not verified or tried and failed! many small accounts are verified I think is about your true influence and performance along the web or internet! You can try again every month and remember to be an active member on ig and also to respect the rules of the community that’s a very important thing in my opinion!!

Well guys that’s all I have as a little Xmas gift or treat!! You can find my on Instagram as @gracielaayalao see you there!

💖💖Happy holidays!! 🥳✨✨

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